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Custom Dresser
Coastal Girl's Room
Turning "Crap to Cute" since 2013!

Do you have a piece of furniture just sitting in your basement? One, with a little bit of imagination and a whole lot of paint could be perfect in your living room, bedroom or kitchen? If you are looking to transform that old and worn out piece and you're lacking the time, the creativity or the design sense, let us help make it into the piece you've always wanted!

We love a project and we love an adventure, so shoot us an email and we can design your piece - from repaint, to rehab, to a totally new reconstruct, let us help you take that piece as far as your imagination can go!
Custom Dresser
Sewing Room Fabric Storage

Prices vary on piece and size, but we'll do our best to make this the most unique and AFFORDABLE piece of furniture in your house!

To inquire about a piece, please email us at If you already have the piece of furniture, send us a picture and what you'd like to see done. If you're looking for a piece, just give us a rundown and we'll be happy to try and find it for you! We'll respond as soon as we can!

Custom Dresser
Girl's Room
**Have you ever watched Storage Wars Texas? If you have, you know where the "Crap to Cute" comes from. If not, google Jenny Grumbles. She just might be my idol!**

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