Past Projects

Here are some of our past projects!
Like what you see? We're always working on something at Sweet Peep Design Co, so if you're looking for something in particular, don't hesitate to send us an email! We love to talk shop and we'd love to find that perfect piece for you - have it already be in our shop somewhere, or out there in the universe!!
The Clara

The Ellie

The Margo

The Betta

The Tayte Highboy

The Tayte Dresser

The Clarissa

The Andrea

The Tia

The Bergen

The Eliot

The Emma

The Cabana

The Lucille

The Nicole

The Bentley

The Christina

The Taylor

The Amanda
The Amber

The Reta

The Bonnie

The Gentry Set

The Hazel

The Rachelle

The Ombre

The Basic 

The Annis

The Gray

The Harp

The Amy

The Marvel

The Yarina

The Cooke

The Regan

The Kit

The Piper

The Zoe

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