About Us

The brains, the beauty and the brawn...

Sweet Peep Design Company was started by Lindsey Matson as an experiment more than anything.  While searching high and low for a wonderfully unique piece, she stumbled upon a sweet little hutch done up in a lovely sage green by another refinishing company.  While it certainly was beautiful, it was no where near her budget, nor, as she guessed, near any normal woman's budget.  So she brainstormed the idea of selling reasonably priced refinished antiques...and what started as a hobby, quickly turned into a business!

As for the brawn of Sweet Peep Design Company?  As you already know, antiques are HEAVY and antiques need a rather large truck to deliver anywhere!  Lindsey is lucky enough to have a husband that is happy and supportive enough to help in the back breaking work and the extremely messy houses that come with any refinishing business!

The Sweet Peep...

The Sweet Peep is the main reason Lindsey isn't working a "real job" but instead following in her many creative endeavors.  Sweet Peep is the sweet little lady of the house, a 4 year old preschooler who likes nothing more than playing with screw drivers, sanding wooden doors and helping Mommy paint!

If you buy one of our pieces, and you look carefully enough, you'll notice a spot - not quite perfect, where perhaps paint might have been "dabbed and swept".  It's one of our trademarks, and a little piece of our Sweet Peep in every design.

The business...

Located in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, the Sweet Peep Design Company specializes in restoring antique, vintage and otherwise unloved furniture. What differentiates us from the competition is that we value the age and integrity of these beautiful old pieces and instead of turning them all "shabby chic" we'd rather let them shine on their own.

With the help of paint colours that you would find in the days of yore - creamy whites, neutral wood tones and faded grays, our pieces blend beautifully into any room, but also stand out in their uniqueness.

We try not to risk the integrity of any of our pieces, so you will find the wonderfully nostalgic smell of old wood, sticky wooden slides on our drawers, knicks and scrapes in the wood and even a little staining that guarantees you a piece once loved and full of memories. We do our best to restore these items to the highest quality we can, without taking away its character.

We hope you love our work!

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