Friday, January 29, 2016

2015,Big Changes and the Vixens of Vintage!

It's been a while hey?

Anyone still out there?

Sweet Peep Design Co has been SO busy over the past few months!

We did our first market ever - The All Things Pretty Fall Market in Lacombe, AB.  It was at the most beautiful venue ever - The Big Red Barn.  If you're getting married anytime soon - book it.  Don't even worry if you've never heard of it - just trust me.  BOOK IT.  

Our first market was a success!  We sold out of all our little things on the first day and that night we were up til dawn creating new signs.  

Custom Rehab and Repaint 

Exhausted, Excited and Exhilarated don't even begin to describe how we felt after the weekend.  

We were inspired beyond belief by all the amazing vendors and super nice people we met.  I even told my partner at the show that I just wanted to get home and get my hands dirty.  
Who needs to sleep, when you can PAINT? 

Afterwards our email was filled with custom orders - signs and furniture and we worked our butts for two months to make it all happen!

Our second market was the All Things Pretty Christmas Market in Red Deer, AB.  

Right after I had our second sweet babe, my bestie and partner in crime, Danielle, took me for a Momma Date to this Market in 2014.  I just remember walking around thinking, "These women are SO talented.  I WISH I could do a market like this."  I was in awe. 

And what do you know?  A year later - BOOM - dream come true!

Custom Welcome Sign Post
Custom Signs

Our second market was an even bigger success. 
 And I'm pretty sure it's because I wore red sequined pants the first night.
We met so many more great people and even more custom jobs came in!  We found ourselves working and delivering projects until 4:00 pm on Christmas Eve.  

We do our best work under a time crunch. (Haha.)

But here's the deal: 

For almost a year, I've been talking to Mr. Sweet Peep about changing things up a bit.  

A little bit of backstory - I'm a stay at home Momma, who also works as a Marketing Coordinator part time for a golf course.  I've worked golf courses my ENTIRE ADULT LIFE but I've been looking for a change.  Yearning for one.  And finally, I've decided that 2016 is the year for it.  

I'm quitting my real job.  

I'm Sweet Peeping it full time now.  


Especially because we applied for the Vixens of Vintage Spring Fling in Edmonton.  This isn't any ordinary market people!  


And I'm playing with the Big Girls now.