Monday, June 22, 2015

All Things Pretty Market

If you're in Central Alberta, make sure to stop by and see us at the All Things Pretty Market in September! We'd love to put some faces with the names!  

If there is anything you've been looking for, or a custom piece you would like made, please let us know and we'll make sure to bring it along!

See you there!

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Piper

The Piper
Once upon a time, this little desk was bright orange and belonged to a little girl who used it as her crafting desk.  The drawers were FULL of glitter and pink heart shaped confetti and there were remnants of purple crayon in the crevices.  The little girl eventually became a young woman, and when she decided to leave for college, her parents decided to part with the desk.

The Piper was in pretty good shape when we got her - just a little dirty and a little outdated.  We gave her a good clean...the shop vac is still covered in pink sparkles and gave her orange wood a heavy sand.  Underneath all the paint and grime we found beautiful solid wood.  So nice in fact, we decided to let it be the star of the show.

We primed her body twice and painted her in white with a little bit of distressing.  As for the top, at first we gave it two coats of a deep custom stain and covered her with a layer of poly.  Unfortunately, as mishaps usually do in this business, the top got a little damaged during another furniture move.  The poly began to peel, much to our horror and despair.

Luckily, peeling poly is a child's dream come true, and during a play session with the neighbors, the Sweet Peep and her two friends Logan and Sarah stripped the whole thing down for me!  (I'm pretty sure Sarah is going to follow in my refinishing footsteps!  But at 2 1/2 she's got a few more years to go before I can truly hire her for duty!)

To even out the few stubborn pieces left, we gave the top a good sand and instantly fell in love with its new, worn patina.  So instead of restaining, we left her as is - our own little chapter to the crafty life of the Piper.  This time, we gave her a coat of oil-based poly - this time it's sure to stay put!

This sweet little desk would be the perfect place for a little one color and glitter on, or for a teen to finish their homework and surf the web.  She isn't so large that she'd take up a huge footprint, but instead the perfect size for any bedroom or play space!

If you are interested in the Piper, please email us at

Delivery is available to Calgary or Edmonton for a $50.00 surcharge.