Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Patch and a Giveaway!

If anyone is from Central Alberta, you know all about the oil patch and how there are about a zillion layoffs going on right now.  At first, I thought, whatever...diesel and gas prices are down, my family isn't affected, we're in furniture and's not that bad, right?  Except these things play out in mysterious ways.
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Turns out, I am affected.

Because people can't buy furniture when they don't have any money.

So, the house now looks like either a storage room (on messy house days) or a furniture store (on clean house days...those don't really happen very often though.)

So, what does one do when her husband says, "No more furniture in the house!"?

Why, she crafts of course!

But I'll be perfectly honest...Mr. Sweet Peep has also said, "No more signs in the house!" 

 So that's where you come in!

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