Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Regan

The Regan
This sweet hutch has a long and favoured past - full of great memories and miles traveled.  She started out in New York City, the first piece bought by a pianist, just starting out, making a name for himself in the big city.  There, he met a Canadian girl and decided, smitten, that he would leave his big dream behind for the simple life in Ontario with the girl of his dreams.

Together, they built a home, a family, a life together, and as the years passed, the hutch was used less and less, the dust gathered on her glass shelves, her light burnt out, and finally, they decided to let her go and send her on a new adventure.

The next adventure took her traveling, across the Canadian Prairies to Alberta, where she spent the next few years in a farm house, the pride and joy of another young couple, who placed their fine wedding china upon her glass shelves and nestled their fine dinnerware in her wooden drawers.  But again, the couple built a home, a family and a life together, and the hutch was used less and less.  Dust gathered, her light burnt out and she began to wear, until finally, they decided to let her go and send her on another new adventure.

Finally, she reached a friend of ours, who was starting out on her own as well - this time, the mother of two beautiful children - rambunctious and fun and so, so smart!  And little did she know, as she filled the cabinet with her own finds and treasures, that eventually, she would meet her own Canadian boy, who would love her kids like his own and would love her with the most fierce abandonment one had ever seen.  They moved in together and she brought her hutch.  They married, and had another son, and a fun and spontaneous life and then, they finally built a home.  The hutch wasn't made for this home and was left, but not forgotten in the dusty confines of their old home, perched on top of a hill.  It was then she was ready, to let her hutch go and send her on a new adventure.

That adventure starts with you...

The Regan is HEAVY.  She is a single unit and heavier than any piece we've ever come across.  It took three people to load her in the truck, and three people to get her in the house.

The first thing we did to her was give her a well needed clean.  Then, we gave her a good sand, by hand, which we found was one of the best ways of sanding, if you have the time and the patience to do so.  This piece was so heavy, I (being 8 months pregnant!) couldn't haul her outside to electric sand, she she stayed in and got the sanding block treatment instead.

Next, she got three coats of primer and then three coats of Opal white paint and finally a good sanding, waxing and distressing, to give her the character and maturity that she had gained in all her travels.  We gave her a new back bead board backing, to give her some farmhouse character and painted her handles and knobs - as time goes on, and they are used, they too will begin to wear and distress.

The Regan has a lot of storage - the bottom holds a shelf and three doors to reach it, and three drawers line the top.  2 of her doors open in the hutch to lots of shelf room.  As a bonus, there is also a light (that works!)

If you are interested in the Regan, please email us at

Delivery is available to Edmonton, Calgary and area for a $75.00 surcharge.

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