Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Marvel

The Marvel
The Marvel came from a family who kept him for many years, starting off first as the dresser for a newlywed couple, then as one for twin daughters.  The sentimentality stuck as the girls grew older, and it moved to the basement to hold all their treasures and dolls.  It's last move made it into the garage, to lay forgotten because the girls just weren't ready to get rid of him - but thirty years had passed and it was finally time for him to find a new home.
Red Knobs

His frame was nicked and scraped and covered in stickers - old ones, think "My Pretty Pony" (yeah, the super ugly ones from before "My Little Pony") and He-man and Shira and the legs were extremely wobbly - like a little old man without his cane.  But he had some great Mid Century Modern lines and had great potential.  

We figured we'd do the usual with him, paint his frame white and keep his drawers natural but they were too worn to be completely saved.  He didn't have the lines to be all white and distressed, so we left him in storage for a few months to figure out what to do with him. 

In that time, we found out that Lindsey was pregnant with Peep number 2 - this time a boy.  And we were having a hard time finding anything fun, unique and vintage for his room.  Was everyone having this problem?  Sure enough, we had the perfect piece hiding in the dust.  

Our very good friend Greg loves comic books - so much he bought the Sweet Peep her own set of superhero Little People and somehow conned us into buying her Wonder Woman's invisible jet.  And we thought - what a perfect motif for a little boys room - the Superhero!  So we painted the Marvel a cobalt blue - a hint of the vintage 70's but a whole bunch of punch added to any room.  Seeing that it was quite manly, and it had to be loved by Mommy's and sisters alike, we added fun retro knobs in a crimson red.  The Marvel is the "Superhero" of mid century modern, 9 drawer dressers if we do say so ourselves!

The Marvel is a one of a kind - fixed up and cleaned, primed, painted and waxed to withstand even the hardest wear and tear.  Meant for a little boys bedroom, this piece could also be used for anyone looking for a bold boost of colour!

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Delivery is available to Edmonton, Calgary and areas for a $50.00 surcharge.