Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Cass

The Cass
The Cass is another custom piece we've been working on over the past few weeks.  It was scouted out for us by our friend Shawna in Blackfalds.  We couldn't pass this awesome little mid century piece up!

We had another customer, a woman named Tabatha who was interested in the Ombre but decided it was the wrong size - so when Cass showed up in our inbox, with the perfect dimensions, we knew this was the dresser for Tabatha!

We had Tabatha over and she decided she still wanted the Ombre look but with subtle grays - perfect for her 5 year old stepson's room!  We ended up giving this cute little dresser a revamp with 2 coats of primer, a coat of white around it's frame and then a custom mix of grays for each of the drawers.  After a bit of snafu with some local county maps as liners for the drawers, we ended up giving the inside of each drawer 4 coats of white paint to polish them up!  After seeing another project of ours, Tabatha  also decided she wanted a bit of distress job on the entire dresser, so we took parts down to the white base and some parts all the way down to the beautiful aged wood.

What we love about this dresser is that it's not only made for a little boy's room - it can grow into adolescence and teenage-hood with him and venture out of the room when he decides on something else - Tabatha made the perfect colour selections for a timeless and vintage piece!

We hope you and your son love it Tabatha!

Interested in a custom piece?  Shoot us an email to with what you're looking for and we'll keep an eye out for it!  It might take a few days, or in some cases, a few months (does ANYONE have a chunky desk?!) but we'll find the perfect piece for you eventually - and we'll do it up right - for a reasonable price!

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