Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Amy

The Amy
The Amy, is a dresser that might look a tad familiar to Sweet Peep customers - she's the big sister of the Annis!

A woman named Amy asked us on Facebook if we had any matching pieces to the Annis and at the time we didn't.  But a few weekends later - on the same day we dropped the Annis off at her new home, the Sweet Peep and I were at our friend Danielle's house, helping with home renovations, when I heard Danielle yelling from the garage.  She was playing I-spy from the mountains of Ikea boxes and noticed her neighbors had just finished up a garage sale and were packing up a few things into their truck to take to the dump.  And lo and behold, a matching piece to the Annis - just bigger.  

I'm pretty sure the neighbors thought we were crazy - two grown women (one very pregnant!) running across the street, yelling about the dresser.  I may have even said it was a "re-finishers wet dream", in which Danielle smacked me and told me not to embarrass her in front of her new neighbors (sorry Danielle...I'll try and use my filter next time!)  In the long run - we got the Amy in the back of my truck and it was on it's way home with me!
2 hidden drawers

We thought about doing something different with her, but decided, why mess with perfection - the Annis turned out perfect, surely the Amy would too.  So we cleaned her up (she was spider city!) and gave her a good sanding.  After sanding, we noticed she had been very loved and marked up quite a bit.  Usually, we like to leave these scuffs, just to show the history of a piece, but she was a little more worse for wear, so we filled the worst ones and left the others.  Next, we gave her two coats of primer, and three coats of white paint.  We spent the next few days distressing her, until she looked just right - a touch of rustic, a touch of new.

The Amy has 7 drawers (2 small ones hidden by a cupboard door) and a small cupboard.  She'd be perfect in a bedroom or as a entertainment unit in a sweet, rustic family room!

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