Friday, May 2, 2014

The Ombre

The Ombre
Another piece of Defehr furniture, this Canadian made, sweet looking mid century modern dresser came to us from a admitted "hoarder" of dressers.  Her mom had been hoarding them for more years than she could remember and one by one, she was talking her mom into selling them.  She told me that she had this dresser when she was a small girl, 30+ years ago! 

Mixed and Distressed
The Ombre was seriously ugly and in pretty rough shape.  First, she got a serious sanding, followed by a 2 layers of primer.  Her body is painted the usual Opal - a mix of the lightest gray and white and her drawers were given the playful ombre effect, using a personal mixture of paints in sea glass colours.  Being mixed gives them a rugged look, not entirely even in colour and with some heavy distressing throughout, the whites, light blues and turquoises mix and mingle, making this piece something very unique.  Her handles are the originals, given a coat of white and turquoise paint.  As time goes on and they begin wear, they will start to fade from white to turquoise to their original dark bronze. 

The Ombre is the perfect, playful statement piece, looking fantastic in a family room holding games and movies and books, or in your little one's room.  A little too short to be a change table, it would be perfect for holding sweet little baby clothes!

If you are interested in the Ombre, please email us at:
Delivery is available to Edmonton, Calgary and areas for a $50.00 surcharge.

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