Friday, May 23, 2014

A Basic Bookshelf

A Basic Bookshelf
 As some of you know, the Sweet Peep has been sick for the past few weeks and during that time of Dora watching, Cherilyn and Teddy arrived at the door carrying this little wonder.  

She wasn't much to look at - just a plain old brown bookshelf with a teensie bit of mid century flair. 

We gave her a quick sand and a good cleaning before covering her in two coats of primer and three coats of white paint, followed by the usual top dress of wax.  

She was still a little on the boring side, so we gave her the tiniest bit of distressing, you know, just to let a bit of her history shine through! 

She isn't a shining star like some of our other upcycles, but what she lacks in style she makes up in hard work ethic! This sweet little bookcase is heavy (solid wood!) and durable and the perfect mini size to go in a reading nook or your little one's space!  

If you are interested in this little bookcase, please email us at:

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