Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Rachelle

The Rachelle
 The Rachelle is a cute little table we found on a whim.  For our own home, we have been searching far and wide for the perfect pedestal table and when we thought one fell through our fingers we decided to buy this one instead.  But, to our excitement, a day later, our original one found it's way back to us and we thought we could spruce up The Rachelle and find her a new home.

She came to us from a woman and her son who didn't have the time to give the table some new stain and decided to buy a new one instead.  The Rachelle was just taking up space in her small apartment and she wanted it gone.  Before we had even said Yes! she was already taking the bolts out of the legs and knocking it down - washing her hands of it. 
Dark top and glazed curvy legs

The Rachelle is a little different than most tables you see on "shabby chic" furniture sites.  It's not a pedestal, instead holding itself on four sturdy legs.  And it's not quite a "harvest table" in the traditional sense because it is oval.  This isn't your stereotypical table and because of that, she is worth her weight in gold!

Dark glazed legs
We gave her a good sanding, erasing years of water rings and marker stains and gave her a new, shiny coat of stain.  On her legs, we gave them a face lift - applying three coats of chalk paint over their once dingy exterior. Next, to give her some time-worn charm, we decided to give a go at glazing - giving her legs a worn look and a hint of dimension.  Finally, she got a 2 coats of oil-based poly, to make sure she's good and strong through the rest of her years.

This little table is a thing of beauty.  She gives off a hint of refine and a whole lot of rustic and would be perfect in an eat in kitchen or a small dining room.  As of right now, she is without a set of chairs (though we'll be looking!) but would look fantastic with any you might have kicking around. 

If you are interested in the Rachelle, please email

Delivery is available to Edmonton and Calgary areas for a $50.00 surcharge.