Monday, January 6, 2014

The Gentry Set and A Lesson on French Provincial

The genre of "French Provincial" is super popular in the world of design blogs or for people who are just interested in furniture.  Good Luck trying to find an old and dusty piece in central Alberta.  They are scooped up faster than a pregnant lady scoops up cake.  I was lucky enough to find one while in Florida and I truly loved the style.  But hey, so does everybody eh?  That's why, when companies do find them first, refinish them and sell them, they ask dear amounts for them. 

So, I was interested, when I found The Gentry Set, if they were, in fact French Provincial with their curvy legs and scalloped tops.  So I looked it up on good ole Wikepedia. 
French Provincial
Features typically associated with French Provincial furniture include cabriole* legs and simple scalloped carving. Finishes vary though common to all colours is the accumulation of polish or grime in the carving over time resulting in an aged patina and emphasis on the carving regardless of whether the furniture is painted or stained.
So the Gentry Set is, in fact, French Provincial!  And while I always thought this genre was incredibly picky in it's pieces, it, in fact, is not!  So look around your house - got anything with curvy legs and a scalloped top?  Well, polish it up and sell it for a million bucks!  You just might get it...
But, back to the Gentry Set.  I got these from a woman named Tanya who had an incredibly cool accent.  They'd been living in her basement for as long as she had lived in the house, and just wanted them gone.  The moment I saw them, it took me every ounce of self control not to skip back to the truck, clicking my heels.  Seriously.  They are beautiful!

Coffee Table
They started out being a truly outdated honey colour and we went to work stripped them of their old stain.  During the stripping and the sanding, we decided to keep a bit of the old around the edges, just to leave a little of her history in tact and add to the beautiful patina that will most definitely grow with age in your home.  Next, she underwent a series of staining, priming, painting and a thick coat of heavy duty wax to keep her strong under lounging feet, hot mugs of tea and sweating cans of pop.

Side Table (1 of 2)
We made sure to leave her with a touch of her own patina - some staining, scratches and a few potmarks to give her that beautiful unique and rustic look that would look fantastic in any formal dining room or in that very first "bachelorette" apartment!   
Here is your chance to own this popular and beautiful genre of furniture - and not break the bank!

If you are interested in The Gentry set, please email us at

*A cabriole leg is one of (usually) four vertical supports of a piece of furniture shaped in two curves; the upper arc is convex, while lower is concave; the upper curve always bows outward, while the lower curve bows inward. 

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