Monday, December 30, 2013

Tools of the Trade

What is this fun little thing?
Here at Sweet Peep Design Company, we don't mind sharing our secrets.  Though we love what we do, we love to share how we do it so other people will delve into the world of furniture refinishing.

We get questions all the time about the paint we use and the waxes we use but just recently we were gifted a tool that we can't believe we lived without for so long! So we thought we'd share it with you!

The Painter's Pyramid!

This handy dandy little guy is shaped like a pyramid (duh?) and fits under just about anything - you can use it to hold up pretty much anything so you can paint all the way to the tips.  This is usually the biggest problem for us - and as for personal furniture, I know just about everything I've painted for myself has unfinished legs or bottom edges.  Not anymore! (If I get to it?) 

The latest project - with painted legs!
The other thing I have a problem with while painting?  FRAMES.  I have a gallery wall in our staircase that houses over 100 frames.  None of which have very well painted sides.  These little guys hold 'em up easy while painting.  Now maybe my house will start to look like a "painter" lives here.  (Maybe.)

Even better?  They're cheap and you get 10 in a pack!  (I thought 10 was an odd number and then I found out you can lock them together for doing odd shaped stuff.  Sorta brilliant eh?) 

Anyone else think it looks like a piece of cheese?

If you're all about "DIY" check these out for yourself!  You can find them at Lee Valley Tools in Calgary or Edmonton.

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