Friday, December 27, 2013

Some Photoshop Art

Obviously, we're not doing much for furniture these days over at Sweet Peep Design Co. 
If you're from Central Alberta - you'll know why.
As for the rest of you - it's really cold here.  And snowy.  I'll be the first to admit, I like the cold and the snow and everything winter but I'm certainly not willing to spend hours outside in the howling wind, sanding a piece of old lead-painted furniture.  Nuh-uh.  Not for me!
So, instead I've been staying warm inside and crafting a little bit!
My latest project is for one of my closest friends in Canada, a girl named Danielle who I met at a wedding in the Dominican Republic last October.  She and I bonded over terrible birthing stories and our love of naps and squeeze cheese and have been close friends ever since.
  For Christmas I wanted to make her something that was personal and sweet and didn't cost an exorbitant amount of money (there I go being cheap again...but we'll call it sentimental in this case.)
This is what I ended up with:
(thanks to for the inspiration!)

A little inspiration, a few minutes on Photoshop and a cool frame later... 

It's a mix of reality (she's a super awesome photographer) and inside joke (because who doesn't want to be a llama?!)  and I really hope she loves it!
Like what you see?  Send me an email and I'll send the template to you, or if you ask really nice, I'll make a personalized one just for you!
From Central Alberta and looking for a photographer? 
Check Danielle out at

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