Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Amber

The Amber
This rustic little buffet caught our eye in a uniform of country green.  She was hiding out in a laundry room, another one of those "when I get to it" sort of projects that never got done.  She came to us with broken wooden knobs and a scrapbook picture taped to her back - rough and ragged and looking for a second chance!

First, we gave her a good sanding, and realized the lovely green paint was probably a chalk or milk paint and as we neared her raw wood surface we also figured out she was beautiful pine - with a beautiful pine aroma to go with it.  This was probably one of my more enjoyable sanding jobs! 

Chippy Green and Hammered Gate Pulls
We didn't want to fully hide her pretty green past, so instead we used three coats of white paint and distressed her generously, letting that green peak out, boasting her history.  Then, we gave her a two coats of wax to make her strong and durable for all those Christmas buffet dishes you might put upon her! 

Instead of going the glamourous route with crystal knobs, we decided to play up her rusticness and simplicity with hammered black gate pulls - reminiscent of the kind you might find on an old fashioned barn or shed turned play house. 

The Amber is unlike many of the pieces you might find at Sweet Peep.  She isn't all about her delicate lady-like curves or her mid century legs - she's about what you expect to find here in Central Alberta - rustic, hardy and a whole lot of beautiful if you're willing to look just beyond the surface.  She would fit in perfectly in any country dining room or in any home looking for just a touch of rustic!

If you are interested in the Amber, please email us at sweetpeepdesignco@yahoo.com.

Delivery is available to Edmonton, Calgary and areas for a $50.00 surcharge. 

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