Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What ever happened to that afghan?

Take a moment to close your eyes and remember when you were just a kid and you went to visit Grandma's house. You spent the entire day outside, among the grass and trees, the wind blowing the sweet smell of falling leaves through your hair, the soft buzzing of mosquitoes and bumble bees in your ear and the roughness of tree bark under your nail bitten fingertips.  As the sun begins to go down, Grandma would call you in through the shadows, just a silhouette against the bright, warm light of the kitchen.  Inside would be hot cocoa, steaming swirls above a mountain of whipping cream, soft just baked cookies, the chocolate chips oozing rivers of sweet goo on your fingers and a soft afghan, ready to engulf you in it's warmth as you sat, sleep eyed, toes tucked beneath you, reliving the adventures of the day.

Now here's a question...

What ever happened to that afghan? 

The Sweet Peep and I have been scouring the countryside of Alberta and what we've found are those afghans, living in baskets in the back of closets, for sale at estate sales, sitting sadly forgotten in thrift shops.  Some soft, some a little scratchy, but all of them with that tell tale sign of memories almost forgotten from those sunny days at Grandmas. 

They come in all shapes and sizes and they are all vintage.  As more come available, we will add them to our shop page. 



Shipping is available.  Email us at sweetpeepdesignco@yahoo.com if you are interested, and we will get the price to you!


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