Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Christina

The Christina is a perfect representation of the Mid Century Modern style of furniture. 

The Christina

Mid Century Modern, a design well ahead of its time, began after World War ll and continued into the 1960′s.  It was all about simplicity, clean, organic lines and quality construction.  The Christina has tags on her back that date her to 1968 - the tail end of the Mid Century Modern style, before it turned mainstream.

Her top was scuffed and scraped and faded and couldn't be restored without destroying all her dignity, so we gave her a coat or primer, 3 coats of white paint and 3 coats of wax to make her durable.  We also gave her a tiny bit of distressing, just to give her a little bit of character.  Her drawers were left as it, since they are such a beautiful colour and have such a wonderful patina.  And those other handles would have suited her so perfectly!  We just gave her drawers a little TLC, with a good washing, oiling and finally waxing to leave her shiny and feeling new!  Finally, her legs were a bit wobbly thanks to a little doctoring by her previous owners.  We stabilized her by putting her back the way she should of been - relying on the quality construction that has seen her through the past 45 years. 

The Christina would make the perfect credenza or console, or, as we thought, perfect for the "Man" Cave.  Not too shabby chic for him, but just enough for her.  And with those long, lean, modern but vintage lines, she is perfect for any space you put her in!

Delivery to Calgary, Edmonton or areas is available for a $50.00 surcharge.

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