Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Taylor

The Taylor
The Taylor started out as a personal dresser for the Sweet Peep's "Big Girl Room" but, as anyone can guess with a business like this, pieces of furniture get used and thrown around like tissue paper and as soon as she was in, she was out again! 

We got this sweet little highboy from a family who was ready to grow up.  It was given to a little girl named Taylor when she was born in 1999.  It was handcrafted solidly with the love of her Uncle as the glue.  But like any girl, Taylor grew up.  And her sweet baby dresser was thrown the wayside and instead of little sleepers and cute little dresses, she needed room for leggings, an extensive jean collection and an ever growing supply of sweaters.  So we rescued the dresser and gave her new life. 

Chalkboard drawers -
 add your own touch!
Once covered in stickers and an array of teenage signatures, we gave the Taylor a good sanding, followed by four coats of primer and three coats of white paint.  Wanting to try something different, we tried the newest trend in furniture painting, and painted her with a grain sack design.  (Teddy, one of the Sweet Peep Brawn, calls them "Camaro Stripes".  To each his own!)  But we thought we'd try something a little different, and made the black stripes with chalkboard paint, giving any child, teenager or adult the space they need to label what is hidden
within the drawers!
Handpainted with a touch of imperfection
The stripes on the Taylor are meant to be a little messy and rugged - handpainted and done without trying to be completely perfect and after all was said and done, she was given a heavy distressing.  Finally, she was waxed and buffed to give her a strong and durable finish.

This sweet little dresser would be the perfect fit in any bedroom - rustic, rugged and beautiful in shape - what a lovely piece to grow into! 

Delivery is available to Calgary and Edmonton for a $50.00 surcharge.

If you are interested in the Taylor, please email us at

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What ever happened to that afghan?

Take a moment to close your eyes and remember when you were just a kid and you went to visit Grandma's house. You spent the entire day outside, among the grass and trees, the wind blowing the sweet smell of falling leaves through your hair, the soft buzzing of mosquitoes and bumble bees in your ear and the roughness of tree bark under your nail bitten fingertips.  As the sun begins to go down, Grandma would call you in through the shadows, just a silhouette against the bright, warm light of the kitchen.  Inside would be hot cocoa, steaming swirls above a mountain of whipping cream, soft just baked cookies, the chocolate chips oozing rivers of sweet goo on your fingers and a soft afghan, ready to engulf you in it's warmth as you sat, sleep eyed, toes tucked beneath you, reliving the adventures of the day.

Now here's a question...

What ever happened to that afghan? 

The Sweet Peep and I have been scouring the countryside of Alberta and what we've found are those afghans, living in baskets in the back of closets, for sale at estate sales, sitting sadly forgotten in thrift shops.  Some soft, some a little scratchy, but all of them with that tell tale sign of memories almost forgotten from those sunny days at Grandmas. 

They come in all shapes and sizes and they are all vintage.  As more come available, we will add them to our shop page. 



Shipping is available.  Email us at if you are interested, and we will get the price to you!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Christina

The Christina is a perfect representation of the Mid Century Modern style of furniture. 

The Christina

Mid Century Modern, a design well ahead of its time, began after World War ll and continued into the 1960′s.  It was all about simplicity, clean, organic lines and quality construction.  The Christina has tags on her back that date her to 1968 - the tail end of the Mid Century Modern style, before it turned mainstream.

Her top was scuffed and scraped and faded and couldn't be restored without destroying all her dignity, so we gave her a coat or primer, 3 coats of white paint and 3 coats of wax to make her durable.  We also gave her a tiny bit of distressing, just to give her a little bit of character.  Her drawers were left as it, since they are such a beautiful colour and have such a wonderful patina.  And those other handles would have suited her so perfectly!  We just gave her drawers a little TLC, with a good washing, oiling and finally waxing to leave her shiny and feeling new!  Finally, her legs were a bit wobbly thanks to a little doctoring by her previous owners.  We stabilized her by putting her back the way she should of been - relying on the quality construction that has seen her through the past 45 years. 

The Christina would make the perfect credenza or console, or, as we thought, perfect for the "Man" Cave.  Not too shabby chic for him, but just enough for her.  And with those long, lean, modern but vintage lines, she is perfect for any space you put her in!

Delivery to Calgary, Edmonton or areas is available for a $50.00 surcharge.

If interested, please email us at:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sweet Peep Baby Quilts

Check out a little sneak peak into the new items we are preparing for our winter shop!

Sweet Peep Baby Quilts are made from soft, prewashed cotton in a variety of different colours and patterns, guaranteed to match any nursery!  They are filled with a polyester batting, not too thick for easy snuggling, but thick enough to keep your baby warm!  These quilts are tried and tested, not only by the Sweet Peep herself, but by kids across the US and Canada!

For quick selection, after October 15 we will have a few quilts packed and ready for $40.00 each.  Keep an eye out on the Shop Sweet Peep page for more information and designs.  Quilts will be added as finished. Or, if you are interested in something a little more personal, just shoot us an email with your colours and theme and we'll see what we can do for you.  (Price will vary by size and fabric!)  Made to order quilts will take about three weeks to finish and, for the Christmas rush, please inquire before November 1st, so we can finish it in time!! 

We try to design our quilts with use in mind.
Meaning - they aren't so precious that Mom will never use them and they're cozy and comfy enough for snuggle after snuggle!