Monday, September 16, 2013

Why Upcycle?

The Andrea.  Perfectly Imperfect.
Awhile back, when we were selling "The Andrea" we had a customer come take a look at her and noticed she had a chip in her drawer.  They decided to pass on the piece because of that chip, telling us that they "wanted something perfect."  Luckily, the woman who bought "The Andrea" liked the chip - thinking it added to the Andrea's gave the little dresser some interest.  Those are the customers we like - the ones who appreciate the history of old furniture. 

Since then, the question has been bouncing around in my brain:

Why Upcycle? 

For me, when I start something, I dive in head first.  For instance, I'm a vegetarian.  I cut out meat cold turkey, when, during a Sorority event in University, my friend Dave, mooed at me when I was eating some hamburger.  And his moo was so lifelike, I quit meat all together, in that single moment.  That was almost 14 years ago.  I dove in head first, without the facts.  But, as time went on, I researched it, and found, through a lot of studying, that indeed, me being a vegetarian was my small way of saving something I love.

The Penelope.  Ugly?  YES.  Potential?  DOUBLE YES!
As for "Upcycling"?  I started this business because I wanted to make cool, beautiful furniture for an affordable price, and maybe make a little money while I did it.  I dove in head first, my house quickly turning into a graveyard for old, unloved furniture.  But wait...graveyard is the wrong word.  Furniture doesn't come here to die.  It comes here to live again!  I started to research upcycling and what I learned is that Upcycling is an even greener version of recycling.  By Upcycling, your not filling up landfills or recycling plants with garbage.  There's no real energy or resources that go into upcycling like there is in recycling.  There's just a bit of creativity, a bit of sweat equity and a bit of paint.  You take up no space but your own and you find a new purpose for unwanted items and you make them beautiful and useable again. 

Check out this awesome site about Upcycling and the cool things you can do with just a little imagination!

The Clarissa before she got her second chance!
There's something about old furniture.  It's beautiful and it's way more well constructed than the stuff you find out there now.  I won't lie...I love me some Ikea.  Especially the cinnamon buns...but...well, don't get me started on Ikea furniture.  Old furniture has memories and history seeped into every crack, every chip and every scratch and it's mostly for that, that Sweet Peep Design Co. does what it does.  Instead of filling your home with all the "new" and "perfect" stuff that you can get from big box stores, why not fill your home with unique, one of a kind pieces that have stood the test of time? 

Are you an upcycler or do you have your own company that upcycles?  Let us know or send us a picture of your last project at or in the comments below.  Let's spread the word! 

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