Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Cabana

The Cabana
This little table was made from a company called Defehr Furniture out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She was screaming for a makeover and we were looking to do something a little beachy - something a little more than just our usual white.  And then we had that aha! moment and went with the cabana stripe. 

This table is an odd size but would be good for so many different things!
- 21 inches tall, so a little tall for a coffee table (unless, as furniture etiquette goes, you entertain a lot, then 21 inches is the perfect height for guests to rest their drink.)

- 17 inches wide, so it make for an oddly shaped side table, unless you have a rather deep couch.

But it's a beauty nonetheless and with a handy shelf, perfect for setting magazines, books or games upon. 

It's also the perfect height for toddlers to play on...just saying...

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