Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Bentley

The Bentley
We ventured to the very tiny town of Bentley for this cute little organ bench.  I instantly fell in love with, not only the town of Bentley, but the little old man that helped us put this bench into the back of my truck.  He was moving from his home of 49 years - a home he had helped build with his own hands.  It had a garden to die for, framed by an immaculate grouping of purple pansies - 160 tulips planted that spring, 120 at least would spring up the next season and an entire wall of sweet peas.  He offered me a bouquet, saying that if you cut a sweet pea, a dozen more will grow in it's place.  This little old man, with his white beard said he was going to "bawl like a baby" when he had to move.  He was certain his wife was fine with it.  He, on the other hand was not. 

So with him in mind, we took apart this little organ bench and gave it the proper treatment.  Each piece was individually sanded and primed, then painted with three coats of white.  Finally, it was given the stripe treatment in navy blue, giving it a touch of masculine to it's dainty feminine lines.

At first we were going to upholster it and sell it as a bench, but I remembered that he had used it as a table to put pictures of his daughters and their childen...a wedding picture or two and a couple of graduations.  It's the perfect perch for both memories and your keys at the front door.  Or...if you wish,  a nice little seat in front of your organ or if you have a pub style dining room table, the height offers the perfect place to sit and eat!

But that's not all - the top opens on easy hinges to offer a spot to store whatever you need to.  Rogue magazines or a telephone book...piano or organ music...or if you use it at the table, a place to stash extra placemats or even the utensils of schoolwork.

If you are interested in The Bentley, please contact us at sweetpeepdesignco@yahoo.com.

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