Monday, September 30, 2013

Some Upcycling around the Blogosphere!

Here are just a few of the awesome upcycles in blogland these days:

Entryway Table Makeover -
Shelley at The House of Smiths has some of the most inspiring and best home design I've seen!  Cozy AND dog AND kid friendly!!  Plus, she doesn't spend a fortune to get her house that way! 
Check out Shelley's post about upcycling and the pieces she's given a new life HERE!

thrift store cabinet makeover centsational girl

While Kate at Centsational Girl has a design sense that surpasses mine in the "mature and sophisticated" department, she proves that even sophistication can be second hand.  Check out Kate's post about her $10 thrift store find HERE!
Holly at In The Fun Lane is a fellow Albertan and one of my biggest inspirations.  Because of her blog, I tried a white couch.  (That couch now has a gray cover...Holly can pull off white...Lindsey can NOT!)  She used to have a furniture restore company but now restores houses instead!  Her whole blog is a beautiful example of upcycling, HERE is a prime example! 

And of course, I want to add some of the awesome upcycling companies in Alberta - all of these ladies are in Central Alberta!  Who knew we had such talent!?
Heidi at the Rustic Barnyard, stationed out of Mirror, AB has some pretty amazing stuff!  She's figured out the secret of Chalk Paint and even holds classes to teach you how to use it (hmm...maybe I should take this course someday?!)
Laurie at Walnut Grove Interiors lives in the same town as I do and I adore what she does!  Check out her website and see what she has for sale - She's got a knack for the beautiful and unique!

Under The Oak Tree Furnishings
 New to the business, Ashley and her Mom from Under The Oak Tree Furnishings also live in Sylvan Lake and just relocated from Ontario!  They have a fantastic eye  and are unpredictable in their design, which makes for some seriously beautiful stuff! 


A lot of upcyclers haven't started up a blog or a website yet, but definitely have made their presence of social media!  Check out a couple of them on facebook!

Furniture Reborn Red Deer
Furniture Reborn Red Deer

Mended Wing
Mended Wing

If you've got time, check all these bloggers and vendors out! 
You won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Custom Work

Custom desk for a little girls room
We've been a little busy at Sweet Peep with a custom project for Leslie and her daughter!  A sweet little desk, dressed in white with secret pops of colour in her drawers and on her pullout writing board.  Hope you love it!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Why Upcycle?

The Andrea.  Perfectly Imperfect.
Awhile back, when we were selling "The Andrea" we had a customer come take a look at her and noticed she had a chip in her drawer.  They decided to pass on the piece because of that chip, telling us that they "wanted something perfect."  Luckily, the woman who bought "The Andrea" liked the chip - thinking it added to the Andrea's gave the little dresser some interest.  Those are the customers we like - the ones who appreciate the history of old furniture. 

Since then, the question has been bouncing around in my brain:

Why Upcycle? 

For me, when I start something, I dive in head first.  For instance, I'm a vegetarian.  I cut out meat cold turkey, when, during a Sorority event in University, my friend Dave, mooed at me when I was eating some hamburger.  And his moo was so lifelike, I quit meat all together, in that single moment.  That was almost 14 years ago.  I dove in head first, without the facts.  But, as time went on, I researched it, and found, through a lot of studying, that indeed, me being a vegetarian was my small way of saving something I love.

The Penelope.  Ugly?  YES.  Potential?  DOUBLE YES!
As for "Upcycling"?  I started this business because I wanted to make cool, beautiful furniture for an affordable price, and maybe make a little money while I did it.  I dove in head first, my house quickly turning into a graveyard for old, unloved furniture.  But wait...graveyard is the wrong word.  Furniture doesn't come here to die.  It comes here to live again!  I started to research upcycling and what I learned is that Upcycling is an even greener version of recycling.  By Upcycling, your not filling up landfills or recycling plants with garbage.  There's no real energy or resources that go into upcycling like there is in recycling.  There's just a bit of creativity, a bit of sweat equity and a bit of paint.  You take up no space but your own and you find a new purpose for unwanted items and you make them beautiful and useable again. 

Check out this awesome site about Upcycling and the cool things you can do with just a little imagination!

The Clarissa before she got her second chance!
There's something about old furniture.  It's beautiful and it's way more well constructed than the stuff you find out there now.  I won't lie...I love me some Ikea.  Especially the cinnamon buns...but...well, don't get me started on Ikea furniture.  Old furniture has memories and history seeped into every crack, every chip and every scratch and it's mostly for that, that Sweet Peep Design Co. does what it does.  Instead of filling your home with all the "new" and "perfect" stuff that you can get from big box stores, why not fill your home with unique, one of a kind pieces that have stood the test of time? 

Are you an upcycler or do you have your own company that upcycles?  Let us know or send us a picture of your last project at or in the comments below.  Let's spread the word! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Nicole

The Nicole
We found this little dresser sitting front and center at the local thrift shop.  I left my friend Nicole and our two babies to guard it as I scoured the store for something to throw a SOLD sign on it.  I wasn't giving this thing up!

Solid wood?
Dovetail joints?
Awesome condition? 

We're not sure the history of it, but The Nicole is very well constructed.  We gave her a good sand, followed by two coats of primer.  Not sure what to do with her colours, we decided that we hadn't tried our hand at a "boy" type of dresser, so we made her up with three coats of navy blue on her drawers and three coats of white on the rest of her.  Her feet are navy blue dipped and her handles were painted white.  They looked like knots to us and that went well with the nautical vibe she was giving off.  Finally, she was given a coat of poly to make her shiny and new!

The Nicole would be perfect as a change table in a little boys nursery or as a dresser in your childs room.  Her playful handles and fun paint job lend themselves to an awesome mix of playful and mature - the perfect mix for your home! 

If you are interested in The Nicole, please email us at

Delivery is available to Edmonton or Calgary for a $50.00 surcharge. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Bentley

The Bentley
We ventured to the very tiny town of Bentley for this cute little organ bench.  I instantly fell in love with, not only the town of Bentley, but the little old man that helped us put this bench into the back of my truck.  He was moving from his home of 49 years - a home he had helped build with his own hands.  It had a garden to die for, framed by an immaculate grouping of purple pansies - 160 tulips planted that spring, 120 at least would spring up the next season and an entire wall of sweet peas.  He offered me a bouquet, saying that if you cut a sweet pea, a dozen more will grow in it's place.  This little old man, with his white beard said he was going to "bawl like a baby" when he had to move.  He was certain his wife was fine with it.  He, on the other hand was not. 

So with him in mind, we took apart this little organ bench and gave it the proper treatment.  Each piece was individually sanded and primed, then painted with three coats of white.  Finally, it was given the stripe treatment in navy blue, giving it a touch of masculine to it's dainty feminine lines.

At first we were going to upholster it and sell it as a bench, but I remembered that he had used it as a table to put pictures of his daughters and their childen...a wedding picture or two and a couple of graduations.  It's the perfect perch for both memories and your keys at the front door.  Or...if you wish,  a nice little seat in front of your organ or if you have a pub style dining room table, the height offers the perfect place to sit and eat!

But that's not all - the top opens on easy hinges to offer a spot to store whatever you need to.  Rogue magazines or a telephone book...piano or organ music...or if you use it at the table, a place to stash extra placemats or even the utensils of schoolwork.

If you are interested in The Bentley, please contact us at

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Lucille

The Lucille
Popular since the beginning of the 1900's, telephone tables make a perfect spot to sit and talk on the phone.  Of course, in their height of popularity, this seat was particularly important because the phones were of the rotary kind and needed a place to rest.  

These days, phone tables are more popular as a conversation piece in a home, a quaint little seat by the front door with a perfect little tabletop for your keys, mail or other odds and ends. 
Cushion Fabric
The Lucille is a sweet little table, painted white with a coat of blue underneath, that peaks through the tiniest bit of distressing.  Her cushion, once mustard yellow, was given a new life in a durable outfit of seafoam green paisley.  The Lucille has been waxed to keep her durable for everyday use!

If interested in the Lucille, please contact us at

The Cabana

The Cabana
This little table was made from a company called Defehr Furniture out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She was screaming for a makeover and we were looking to do something a little beachy - something a little more than just our usual white.  And then we had that aha! moment and went with the cabana stripe. 

This table is an odd size but would be good for so many different things!
- 21 inches tall, so a little tall for a coffee table (unless, as furniture etiquette goes, you entertain a lot, then 21 inches is the perfect height for guests to rest their drink.)

- 17 inches wide, so it make for an oddly shaped side table, unless you have a rather deep couch.

But it's a beauty nonetheless and with a handy shelf, perfect for setting magazines, books or games upon. 

It's also the perfect height for toddlers to play on...just saying...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rustic Inspiration for the Sally

A little bit of inspiration for the Sally...because dreaming of something beautiful is much more fun than the last hour spent pulling out industrial size staples...
Thanks Jenn, Whitney and Mary for the inspiration pics and ideas!

Source: N/A

Source: N/A

And of course, a gigantic thank you to Pinterest for giving us all the ability to find such inspiration so easily!  I know all these items are on Pinterest, and because of the many pinnings of them, I can't find their original sources.  So, if you find them, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!!