Friday, August 23, 2013

The Eliot Set

The Eliot Set
We found the Eliot set lost and forgotten in the back of an old garage.  The nightstand still looked pretty good, but the dresser had obviously been left to fend for itself.  Full of scratches and scrapes, gouges and dents, most people would have just thrown her in the garbage.  But this pine beauty had potential!

We spent three days filling her many holes and scratches, and still there are some visible.  But they are chippy battle scars from the days of her history and because of them, she is unique and beautiful! 

We tried something new with the Eliot set, instead of sanding, priming, painting and waxing, we sanded them and gave them a coat of chalk paint.  A dear friend of ours, Cindy, swears by the chalk paint and urged us to try it again.  "Be patient with it," she said.  We grudgingly obliged and were in for a bit of a shock!  A job that usually takes us a week to accomplish, took us, in total, about four hours. 

I felt like we were cheating...
But I will admit, it was pretty awesome to have something done so quickly.  But like the antiques and vintage pieces we find, we'd rather put the time into them, that they have given to their owners.  It's a time consuming process and we're willing to put in that effort!

After three coats of chalk paint, the Eliot set was finished with a good sanding and a coat of wax to make her strong.  Her handles, which were the perfect shape, got a fresh coat of oil rubbed bronze paint and were secured back on.  This set is a little rough around the edges but is solid to the core.  She would make a great addition to any romantic and rustic bedroom!


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