Saturday, August 31, 2013

Crap to Cute Project # 1: The BEFORE

We're not usually the "Before" and "After" types here at Sweet Peep Design Company but every once in a while, a project comes up that definitely warrants a "Before and After".

The Betta Dresser for example, was one of those.  It started out as a piece of C-RAP and turned out to be the cutest TV stand.  It took a lot of work, a lot of imagination and a lot of creativity to make it that way. 

 Last weekend, Cherilyn and her husband were checking out Garage Sales, when they found, hidden under a bunch of old Fisher Price toys and board games, a chunky black desk, covered in vinyl. 

The price was right.  It was made of solid wood and it was sturdy.'s ugly.  Like craptastically ugly...I'm not gonna lie. 
But you can't judge a book by its cover. 

 So, I thought, why not make this an ongoing thing on the blog?  When we come across something so crappy and so ugly, why not document its makeover to cute? 
So without further ado, I introduce:
The Sally
Mind the huge mess in the background...
Desk top...seriously, someone used a saw on this thing...
Another desk top photo...

When I say "Crap" or "Crappy" or "Craptastic" or any other form of the word, I don't mean it's junk.  I mean it's just plain ugly and unloved...and it deserves a second chance!!
Got any great ideas for this desk?  Let us know!  Email us at or comment below! 

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