Saturday, August 31, 2013

Crap to Cute Project # 1: The BEFORE

We're not usually the "Before" and "After" types here at Sweet Peep Design Company but every once in a while, a project comes up that definitely warrants a "Before and After".

The Betta Dresser for example, was one of those.  It started out as a piece of C-RAP and turned out to be the cutest TV stand.  It took a lot of work, a lot of imagination and a lot of creativity to make it that way. 

 Last weekend, Cherilyn and her husband were checking out Garage Sales, when they found, hidden under a bunch of old Fisher Price toys and board games, a chunky black desk, covered in vinyl. 

The price was right.  It was made of solid wood and it was sturdy.'s ugly.  Like craptastically ugly...I'm not gonna lie. 
But you can't judge a book by its cover. 

 So, I thought, why not make this an ongoing thing on the blog?  When we come across something so crappy and so ugly, why not document its makeover to cute? 
So without further ado, I introduce:
The Sally
Mind the huge mess in the background...
Desk top...seriously, someone used a saw on this thing...
Another desk top photo...

When I say "Crap" or "Crappy" or "Craptastic" or any other form of the word, I don't mean it's junk.  I mean it's just plain ugly and unloved...and it deserves a second chance!!
Got any great ideas for this desk?  Let us know!  Email us at or comment below! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Emma Set

The Emma
The Emma certainly isn't the oldest piece of furniture in our collection, but she just might be the prettiest!  A stamp on her back says 1997 and for some - this might be vintage! Her drawers run perfectly, she stands solid and tall.  Honestly, she had a look that was straight up lovely, if not a little dated and all she really needed was a new coat of paint. 

Oh, those flowers!
She started with a light sanding and was followed by 3 coats of white chalk paint.  To give her nostalgic look a little more interest, she underwent a good dose of distressing, just because those flowers were begging for some attention!  Her handles and knobs were the perfect fit for her, so they were fixed up with a coat of oil rubbed bronze paint and finally she was finished with a solid coat of wax to make her strong and durable. 

The Emma Nightstand
The Emma Dresser
But the dresser doesn't stand alone!  She comes with a sturdy little nightstand with matching dental moulding that sets this pair apart from the rest of the pack!  Beautiful and clean, this set would be the perfect addition to a little girl's room or for those just looking for a little nostalgia in their space.

  If you are interested in the Emma, please email us at

Delivery is available to Edmonton or Calgary and areas for a $50.00 surcharge.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Eliot Set

The Eliot Set
We found the Eliot set lost and forgotten in the back of an old garage.  The nightstand still looked pretty good, but the dresser had obviously been left to fend for itself.  Full of scratches and scrapes, gouges and dents, most people would have just thrown her in the garbage.  But this pine beauty had potential!

We spent three days filling her many holes and scratches, and still there are some visible.  But they are chippy battle scars from the days of her history and because of them, she is unique and beautiful! 

We tried something new with the Eliot set, instead of sanding, priming, painting and waxing, we sanded them and gave them a coat of chalk paint.  A dear friend of ours, Cindy, swears by the chalk paint and urged us to try it again.  "Be patient with it," she said.  We grudgingly obliged and were in for a bit of a shock!  A job that usually takes us a week to accomplish, took us, in total, about four hours. 

I felt like we were cheating...
But I will admit, it was pretty awesome to have something done so quickly.  But like the antiques and vintage pieces we find, we'd rather put the time into them, that they have given to their owners.  It's a time consuming process and we're willing to put in that effort!

After three coats of chalk paint, the Eliot set was finished with a good sanding and a coat of wax to make her strong.  Her handles, which were the perfect shape, got a fresh coat of oil rubbed bronze paint and were secured back on.  This set is a little rough around the edges but is solid to the core.  She would make a great addition to any romantic and rustic bedroom!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

27 days in Florida

We're back!
Ready for the totally random blog post?
27 days...
5728 kilometers (one way!)
3559 miles (one way!)
1 bathroom redesign
1 bedroom redesign
312 holes spackled
1 flat tire
2 trips to Tire Kingdom
18 hours of Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer!
24 days of swimming in the pool
5 doorbells rang in the search of a Mitre Saw
3 beaks and legs super glued back on to ceramic animals
5 temporary tattoos
12 bowls of ice cream
8 Totino's pizzas
4 boxes of Captain Crunch and 2 boxes of Cocoa Pebbles
5 days on the beach
2 Urgent Care trips
16 trips to Lowes
3 trips to Hobby Lobby
96 pounds of luggage
6 bouquets of flowers
18 Michelob Ultras drank
5 trips to the Tampa Airport
8 pounds gained
(all that ice cream and pizza and cereal and beer...doh!)
1 piece of furniture redone
10 pounds of shrimp
1 killer tan
27 days of a Sweet Peep sleeping through the night!