Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Tayte

The Tayte Highboy
Another representation of the Swing Era, this four drawer waterfall dresser came to us from a man, who remembers using it when he was a child back in the 1950's and he had inherited it from his older brother who had used it for as long as he could remember. 
The dresser was given a good sanding and filling of some of it's cracks and blemishes, then a coat of primer, three coats of paint in white and soft aqua and finally a good varnish and wax.  She was distressed a little to give her an air of her former self without giving away too much of who she really was.
The bottom curves give a vibe of vintage and style, while also showing the age of the piece, on one side it is a tad chipped and left unpainted and raw.  She sits on her original castors that roll perfectly.    
Arithmetic Lesson!
Her drawers are a bit sticky on wooden slides and they were left raw inside.  There was just something so sentimental about the marker and crayon marks, and the arithmetic lesson on the side of one of the drawers.  It's things like this that make a piece unique and truly beautiful!
The Tayte is actually part of a set, including a three drawer dresser with mirror, matching in all the her curves. These two soft beauties would be perfect in a nursery, a little girls room, or even in a family room, full of blankets and linens!

The Tayte Dresser with Mirror

If you are interested in the Tayte set, including both the highboy and the dresser with mirror, her price is 275.00.

Delivery to Edmonton or Calgary and areas is available for a $50.00 surcharge.

If interested, please email us at: sweetpeepdesignco@yahoo.com.

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