Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Clarissa

The Clarissa
 When we look for furniture pieces to refinish, we look in a lot of places.  I'll admit, we scour kijiji and craigslist, we check out garage sales and estate auctions, we frequent the restores and thrift stores from Sylvan Lake all the way to Edmonton and Calgary and we hear about projects by word of mouth. 

The Clarissa was a Kijiji find and it was not the first or second, but the third piece of furniture I got from this young woman who was moving homes.  Oddly, its the only piece we've finished of hers so far. 

The moment I stepped inside her house I was overtaken with awe.  What a beautiful house!  Full of sandy beiges and calming blues and sea foam greens.  A mix of contemporary and unique antiques.  I asked her after the second purchase (a sweet little telephone table!) if I could just shop her house.  She said "Of course!"  But I had to let control step in, or I would have needed a moving van and a line of credit when I was done. 

That black and brass patina
But back to Clarissa.  She started out as a lovely vintage sidetable with handles that had an awesome patina.  Unfortunately her wood, while in perfect condition, was stained the most horrible shade of...may I say it?  Baby poop brown?  So, she got the usual sanding of a lifetime, a thick coat of primer and then three coats of white.  But those lines...Oh!  Those lines.  We couldn't let those go to waste!  We pondered a gray, perhaps a blue or a dark brown but instead went with a classic, glossy black.  A black that would play off the patina on the handles.  She's not in the slightest bit perfect, but at first glance she totally has her act together...on second, you can tell she has a story and perhaps a secret or two hidden in her drawer.

She's the perfect piece to sit next to a comfy chair and put your morning coffee upon, or, late at night with a cup of sleepytime tea as you put your feet up with a great book.  The Clarissa has sophisticated lines and gentle curves; the perfect addition to any classic home.

If you are interested in the Clarissa, please email us at:

Delivery to Edmonton or Calgary is available for a $50.00 surcharge. 

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