Friday, June 28, 2013

The Andrea

The Andrea
The Andrea actually got her roots from a customer of ours named Tracy.  We love Tracy here at Sweet Peep, not only because she has bought three of our items but because she's always a good conversation when she comes to pick up her pieces.  Furthermore, the girl's got a great eye for furniture!

Tracy recently bought a new home and has been doing what we all dream of doing - finishing and furnishing it to her exact specifications.  She seems to love vintage, loves a little shabby and loves a great deal. 

Unfortunately for her, her eleven year old loves PINK.  And pink is not part of Tracy's grand plan.  So she told her daughter that she could paint her bedroom walls pink, but everything else would be to her liking - which, as it seems includes chic whites and creams and vintage wood tones (A girl after my own heart!)

Raspberry Pink Drawers
When we found the Andrea at a garage sale, my first thought was of Tracy and her daughter.  This solid wood, little four drawer dresser was the perfect size for a little girl's room, and it was screaming for some pink.  So we painted it in a way that I thought Tracy might appreciate.  The faintest pink on the outside, with vintage white and crystal handles.  It's pink (for the little girls) but not obnoxious (for the mommies!)  But then, when you open the drawer, it's every little girls dream - bright, fantastic raspberry pink!   

So, for Tracy, the Andrea is a little bit shabby chic, a little bit sophisticated and a little bit little girl.  A perfect combination for any room in a feminine house!

If you are interested in the Andrea, please email us at

Delivery is available to Edmonton or Calgary and areas for a $50.00 surcharge.

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