Friday, June 21, 2013

Spray Paint Goddess!

So, I realize already that a lot of you probably don't care but I'm pretty proud...

For the longest time, Mr. Sweet Peep had banned me from spray painting.  I think it had to do with our brightly painted basement floor a few years back while I was preparing for the Sweet Peep.  I really wanted bright yellow frames for her nursery...what I got was a bright yellow cement floor and four Ikea frames in the garbage. 
NOTE: Don't spray paint Ikea frames without sanding and priming them first.  The paint bubbles.

But I really wanted some handles spray painted, and if you know Mr. Sweet Peep at all, well, he works...A LOT.  And I didn't see him spray painting these handles in the near future.  And if you know me very well, you know I have the patience of a...well...what doesn't have ANY patience?  That's me anyway!  So I noticed today, during a break in the clouds, that for a split second there was no wind.  In the back of my mind, I remember Mr. Sweet Peep saying, "There can't be any wind to spray paint...we don't want to spray our neighbors houses."  OK...makes sense. 

From silver to black!
BUT THERE WAS NO WIND!!  So I ran inside, got the handles and the spray paint and remembered his next words of wisdom, "Spray in long, arcing spurts, fully across the piece.  And a bunch of light coats is better than one thick one."

So I sprayed in long arcing spurts and WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?  This girl now knows how to spray paint.  I tell you...I'm a SPRAY PAINTING GODDESS!!!

 And I know some of you are going to ask, "Why are you spray painting handles?!"
The answer?  Sometimes a piece, even though it's absolutely heinous, has the absolute perfect handles...and with a little bit of TLC they can be just divine...and really, the only handles that will work with the piece.  Don't be afraid of a little spray paint...with the right stuff, you can use it on ANYTHING and it'll work like a charm!

Here at Sweet Peep Design Company, we use RustOleum Painter's Touch for Indoor and Outdoor Durability.  It's inexpensive and it does the job! 

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