Friday, June 28, 2013

The Andrea

The Andrea
The Andrea actually got her roots from a customer of ours named Tracy.  We love Tracy here at Sweet Peep, not only because she has bought three of our items but because she's always a good conversation when she comes to pick up her pieces.  Furthermore, the girl's got a great eye for furniture!

Tracy recently bought a new home and has been doing what we all dream of doing - finishing and furnishing it to her exact specifications.  She seems to love vintage, loves a little shabby and loves a great deal. 

Unfortunately for her, her eleven year old loves PINK.  And pink is not part of Tracy's grand plan.  So she told her daughter that she could paint her bedroom walls pink, but everything else would be to her liking - which, as it seems includes chic whites and creams and vintage wood tones (A girl after my own heart!)

Raspberry Pink Drawers
When we found the Andrea at a garage sale, my first thought was of Tracy and her daughter.  This solid wood, little four drawer dresser was the perfect size for a little girl's room, and it was screaming for some pink.  So we painted it in a way that I thought Tracy might appreciate.  The faintest pink on the outside, with vintage white and crystal handles.  It's pink (for the little girls) but not obnoxious (for the mommies!)  But then, when you open the drawer, it's every little girls dream - bright, fantastic raspberry pink!   

So, for Tracy, the Andrea is a little bit shabby chic, a little bit sophisticated and a little bit little girl.  A perfect combination for any room in a feminine house!

If you are interested in the Andrea, please email us at

Delivery is available to Edmonton or Calgary and areas for a $50.00 surcharge.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Spray Paint Goddess!

So, I realize already that a lot of you probably don't care but I'm pretty proud...

For the longest time, Mr. Sweet Peep had banned me from spray painting.  I think it had to do with our brightly painted basement floor a few years back while I was preparing for the Sweet Peep.  I really wanted bright yellow frames for her nursery...what I got was a bright yellow cement floor and four Ikea frames in the garbage. 
NOTE: Don't spray paint Ikea frames without sanding and priming them first.  The paint bubbles.

But I really wanted some handles spray painted, and if you know Mr. Sweet Peep at all, well, he works...A LOT.  And I didn't see him spray painting these handles in the near future.  And if you know me very well, you know I have the patience of a...well...what doesn't have ANY patience?  That's me anyway!  So I noticed today, during a break in the clouds, that for a split second there was no wind.  In the back of my mind, I remember Mr. Sweet Peep saying, "There can't be any wind to spray paint...we don't want to spray our neighbors houses."  OK...makes sense. 

From silver to black!
BUT THERE WAS NO WIND!!  So I ran inside, got the handles and the spray paint and remembered his next words of wisdom, "Spray in long, arcing spurts, fully across the piece.  And a bunch of light coats is better than one thick one."

So I sprayed in long arcing spurts and WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?  This girl now knows how to spray paint.  I tell you...I'm a SPRAY PAINTING GODDESS!!!

 And I know some of you are going to ask, "Why are you spray painting handles?!"
The answer?  Sometimes a piece, even though it's absolutely heinous, has the absolute perfect handles...and with a little bit of TLC they can be just divine...and really, the only handles that will work with the piece.  Don't be afraid of a little spray paint...with the right stuff, you can use it on ANYTHING and it'll work like a charm!

Here at Sweet Peep Design Company, we use RustOleum Painter's Touch for Indoor and Outdoor Durability.  It's inexpensive and it does the job! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Clarissa

The Clarissa
 When we look for furniture pieces to refinish, we look in a lot of places.  I'll admit, we scour kijiji and craigslist, we check out garage sales and estate auctions, we frequent the restores and thrift stores from Sylvan Lake all the way to Edmonton and Calgary and we hear about projects by word of mouth. 

The Clarissa was a Kijiji find and it was not the first or second, but the third piece of furniture I got from this young woman who was moving homes.  Oddly, its the only piece we've finished of hers so far. 

The moment I stepped inside her house I was overtaken with awe.  What a beautiful house!  Full of sandy beiges and calming blues and sea foam greens.  A mix of contemporary and unique antiques.  I asked her after the second purchase (a sweet little telephone table!) if I could just shop her house.  She said "Of course!"  But I had to let control step in, or I would have needed a moving van and a line of credit when I was done. 

That black and brass patina
But back to Clarissa.  She started out as a lovely vintage sidetable with handles that had an awesome patina.  Unfortunately her wood, while in perfect condition, was stained the most horrible shade of...may I say it?  Baby poop brown?  So, she got the usual sanding of a lifetime, a thick coat of primer and then three coats of white.  But those lines...Oh!  Those lines.  We couldn't let those go to waste!  We pondered a gray, perhaps a blue or a dark brown but instead went with a classic, glossy black.  A black that would play off the patina on the handles.  She's not in the slightest bit perfect, but at first glance she totally has her act together...on second, you can tell she has a story and perhaps a secret or two hidden in her drawer.

She's the perfect piece to sit next to a comfy chair and put your morning coffee upon, or, late at night with a cup of sleepytime tea as you put your feet up with a great book.  The Clarissa has sophisticated lines and gentle curves; the perfect addition to any classic home.

If you are interested in the Clarissa, please email us at:

Delivery to Edmonton or Calgary is available for a $50.00 surcharge. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Tayte

The Tayte Highboy
Another representation of the Swing Era, this four drawer waterfall dresser came to us from a man, who remembers using it when he was a child back in the 1950's and he had inherited it from his older brother who had used it for as long as he could remember. 
The dresser was given a good sanding and filling of some of it's cracks and blemishes, then a coat of primer, three coats of paint in white and soft aqua and finally a good varnish and wax.  She was distressed a little to give her an air of her former self without giving away too much of who she really was.
The bottom curves give a vibe of vintage and style, while also showing the age of the piece, on one side it is a tad chipped and left unpainted and raw.  She sits on her original castors that roll perfectly.    
Arithmetic Lesson!
Her drawers are a bit sticky on wooden slides and they were left raw inside.  There was just something so sentimental about the marker and crayon marks, and the arithmetic lesson on the side of one of the drawers.  It's things like this that make a piece unique and truly beautiful!
The Tayte is actually part of a set, including a three drawer dresser with mirror, matching in all the her curves. These two soft beauties would be perfect in a nursery, a little girls room, or even in a family room, full of blankets and linens!

The Tayte Dresser with Mirror

If you are interested in the Tayte set, including both the highboy and the dresser with mirror, her price is 275.00.

Delivery to Edmonton or Calgary and areas is available for a $50.00 surcharge.

If interested, please email us at:

Sunday, June 2, 2013


I hate to complain. 

I really, really do...

But seriously.  It's been raining for days. 

And you know what that means?  That means Sweet Peep Design Company is on hold at the moment because we do all our sanding and priming outside.  Why?  Because it makes a huge mess, smells awful, and I like to get a tan. 

The cleaned up version of the mess...
you should see the other side of the room! 

There is no tanning during a day like this.

 Just puddles...
 ...wet feet...

On the plus side, we're getting a lot of "Dora the Explorer" time in.  I'm pretty sure I'm bilingual now.  But our eyes are starting to bug out of our heads and we're getting super cranky. 

And the furniture is piling up.  Mr. Sweet Peep even mentioned I might have some "hoarding" tendencies.  It looks like a furniture store in here...mixed with "Little People" toys and rawhide bones.

If I actually show you the state of the mess it means I'm not in denial right?
Meaning, I don't have a problem...right?  RIGHT!?
What a mess...
Total count?
2 hutches
+ 3 dressers   
+1 kitchen table
+ 1 baby rocking chair
7 reasons we need sun!!!