Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Bonnie

The Bonnie
The Bonnie was a guilty pleasure for me.  I saw her in an ad and instantly fell in love with the blurry picture.  I paid way too much for her, especially when we went to pick her up in Edmonton, a full hour and a half drive away.  Was she beautiful?  Sure, in that, "this is my baby, of course she's beautiful!" sort of way. 

When we picked her up, we were under the impression that she had a "lovely" patina. 

Patina:  "the sheen on a surface that is caused by much handling."

I didn't realize that patina also meant, dog chewed, mottled, stained, painted and repainted badly, and carved with a knife. This was not patina.  This was a disaster.

We thought we could just clean her up and throw on a pretty crystal knob and sell her as is.

The Bonnie
We were wrong. 

So she got the usual treatment - sanded her all the way down to the bare wood, 2 coats of primer, 3 coats of white paint and a single, dry brushed coat of aqua blue.  A little distressing and a crystal knob and voila - a romantic little telephone table, perfect nestled against a sturdy wing back chair or topped with a handful of your best reads!   

She's one of the favourite's at Sweet Peep Design Company, and pretty sure she might be the one to stick around, but if she strikes your fancy, and her new patina looks just right for your sweet and romantic home, please email us at:

Just a side note: Do you know how epically huge Edmonton is?  I looked down at my navigation app on my phone and it said I had to drive 39 kilometers into the city. 39 kilometers.  And it's not like I wasn't already into the city.  I was WELL INTO THE CITY and  I had to drive 39 MORE kilometers into the city.  Seriously...Edmonton is bigger than my home state of Connecticut.  Yet another moment in my life when I catch a glimpse into the tiny little world I've let myself live.  Ask me about my Seattle Ikea expedition sometime...

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